Animation Sound Design

Animation 101 – Goku vs side-chains

Hey and welcome to a brand new series of The TurkeyLab !
Animation by Peepoa KD
This time , we’re talking animation.
I’ll show you how I take a 4 second draft to the next level.
Using the Youtube sound library, and some helpful tools, I attempt at crafting a draft of my own.
Much love
The Jive One

Animation Sound Design 102 – Of Pianos and Masks

Welcome back to the TurkeyLab !
Your home for all that had been taken out of the box, then left in the sun to rot.
This time , in the animation sound design series “The Masks We Wear” by Jack MC
Jack sent me this vid for my Turkey-ing plessure.
ALSO Thanks to Ohad Solliway for being an amazing piano player, who, also has a great open mind for out of the box thinking.
ALSO Elevator music by” “Royalty Free Music from Bensound” – Check him out !
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